szombat, augusztus 04, 2007

And now something completely different! Sziget

So, I was thinking to myself: Damn, lots'o people read this blog often (course I'm stretching the meaning of lots to breaking point, I'm well aware of that), who should be perfect at speaking English at about intermediate level.
So, as a hoot and a treat for all ye merry lasses and gents, this whole post shall be conjured up from the bottomless pit o' my mind in all of it's manifestation in English! How jolly is that?

Course, if you spot minor flaws here'n'there, let me know. It's all in the possibilities of chance that I simply forgot, how to write in English properly.

Of course you just say: bollocks and scorn on me for abandoning my native tongue in favour of a (the?) lingua franca, then be it, I shall take the lashing. none is forcing thee to read mhee. To the rest, cheerio!

So, this post will be written mainly about Sziget, but my train of thought can be derailed from time to time.
Sziget, ah, the great Hungarian festival, a holy Bacchanalia and mutual cultural exchange ground. It seems to me, that in recent years it has taken to a fancy that this week long hedonism is to be reserved for the somewhat more prosperous people. By that, I mean foreigners. Don't get me wrong, not being xenophobic here, just stating, that prices for a week pass, especially sleeping ones, are obscenely high. Taken the student's average pocket money + savings + salary.

Myself would have wanted to go out, not only on one day, but many, as the concerts that interest me most are held on very different days (check the side, built-in nifty calendar), but only one day will have to suffice. The one I shall make a point of attending is August the 13th, as Tool will be performing for the assembled masses. I wish to be mass. As the rest of the Sziget goes, great concerts shall be sorely missed, but, alas, I will survive.

So, that would be for it tonight. Now I will watch a new, upcoming Tim Burtonese series called Pushing Daisies, and afterwards head into the realm of dreams. Best of the evening to y'all!

Sidenote: I just got a private message from a girl in Romania, whom with I had no contact at all, telling me how she hopes that we will congregate during Sziget. Isn't that a bit quaint?

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